Wellness Ketogenic Cannabis Patient Consultants

Ketosis is an area in which your metabolism begins to shift in the absence of dietary carbohydrates. This bodily state which generally comes as a result of a moderate protein and high fasting diet often results in a larger boost of energy as well as extreme fat burning tendencies. When the body begins to shift metabolism to begin running on pure fat, and creating ketones,  this is a chance for people to lose weight fast as well as experience some incredible health benefits. Ketosis is often used by high-profile athletes as well as in many diets.

With the help of cannabis patient consultants for wellness is possible to potentially improve the state of ketogenic dieting that you can experience. THC and cannabis products are often associated with appetite as well as changing in metabolism. THC, CBD and other compounds that can be found in cannabis are also fat soluble. This means that THC is often bound to fat. Introducing a ketogenic diet alongside THC consumption could work to not only improve results but reduce the total amount of time that THC can be found in the system.

This can be especially helpful for individuals who are regularly drug tested or for individuals that are interested in working to maximize their ketogenic diet outcomes.

Introducing this diet alongside cannabis products and also help to illuminate some of the problems that many people experience with feeling tired or lethargic while using cannabis products. Introducing a new diet with the help of a cannabis patient consultant can really help to improve results and help a cannabis patient to feel more in control even when they are just starting to use cannabis products.

These types of solutions for wellness are part of the reason why a cannabis patient consultant can be so valuable. If you are starting on medical marijuana for the first time, assistance with diet, dosage and wellness can always lead to better results!

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